Captain's Log
15 February 2009

Land Ho!

Ahoy there!! Kate Sullivan of Blue Steel here, attempting to write the Youth Crew version of the Captains Log. What a day! Today was one of those days which makes you smile so much your face and tummy ache for days. Two of our YC members ate (and retained) their very first solid meal since Wednesday. Congratulations Teagen and Berto! Shortly after sunrise in Bass Straight we sighted land, much to Yak’s relief. Once Lisa had removed her entangled hand from the seat of her harness, Chad once again filled our bellies with an amazing meal. After sailing to anchor in Twofold Bay, Eden the YC were landed safely ashore where trees were hugged, chips were purchased and local residents became alarmed. YC experienced their first feeling of land sickness and with shaky legs once again boarded Young Endeavour to enjoy an extravagant ���Teak Deck’ BBQ lovingly prepared by our fearless leaders. ���Three Way Talks’ provided ample entertainment, frivolity and quality YC bonding moments. Undertaking their first night watches at anchor a once ���exhausted’ YC have filled up on lollies and are currently swamping the Caf� for a late night jam session.A very long but animated day.Kato of Blue Steel signing out. P.S. I’ll come home eventually Mum! (Need my washing done  ) Hi Dad, MJ, Mixer No.2, Kez, G&E&M. Well Shipmates that was Windy Kate and she has summed up the day very well. The YC are tired and I think will appreciate a night at anchor. We’ll be getting underway tomorrow morning where hopefully the forecast fresh soueaster will give us a good ride up the coast. Chat tomorrowAndrew ���Gunna’ RourkeCommanding OfficerCarpe Diem


37° 5' South / 149° 54' East


At anchor off Eden, Twofold BayWind 120 / 8 kts