Captain's Log
V12/17 Mackay to Brisbane
20 September 2017

Lady Musgrave Island

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the Ship remained at sea on passage to Lady Musgrave Island. Sail Master Bagers woke everyone not on watch at 0700 to get people moving to get ready for our impending anchorage. We anchored near the channel entrance to the Lady Musgrave Is lagoon at 0815. At 0900 we held the Morning Brief which included a visit from Salty the Seadog (Brad), who, with help from the fine acting skills of the staffies, enlightened the youthies about the nautical origin of the expressions ‘to shake a leg’ and ‘son of a gun’. At 0930 we launched into Happy Hour, which was followed by Brad’s nautical Rule of the Road presentation, which went until lunch time. At 1230 Brad started ferrying the watches ashore to Lady Musgrave Is in the Ship’s Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB), where they had the opportunity to swim, walk around part of the island and snorkel around the lagoon and admire the coral and tropical fish. It was a beautiful sunny spring day but everyone was encouraged to wear sunscreen, hats, shirts and to drink plenty of water. It is intended to remain at anchor overnight, weighing tomorrow morning and commencing our passage to our next planned anchorage at Noosa, where we expect to anchor in the early afternoon of Friday 27. Until tomorrow.  Yours AyeCaptain Mike