Captain's Log
V12/18 Brisbane to Mackay
7 October 2018

Lady Musgrave Island

Ahoy log followers,Another spectacular day at sea! The plethora of sea life (mainly whales) continues and we have enjoyed a fantastic days sailing. We arrived at Lady Musgrave Island as planned however the wind was considerably stronger than forecast making anchoring and sending the Youth Crew ashore unachievable. Not to fear,  Sailmaster Harry suggested we do “rotational tacks”, and we all know how much the Captain loves throwing the ship around…so that’s what we did. This involves the 3 watches rotating through each others tacking station and I have to say they picked it all up exceptionally well…an attentive bunch. We then set sail for Great Keppel Island in the hope of more options with regard to a sheltered anchorage. The ship has been there many times before and all are looking forward to it. The prospect of another night at sea did not seem to phase this hardy bunch. This afternoon under clearing skies and a full press of square sails we completed the “get to know you” exercise of 3 way talks…informative and amusing at the same time. Overnight the Youth Crew will complete the “Bearex”, an exercise where their watch leaders issue them challenges of varying natures, and we are hoping to arrive at Great Keppel around breakfast time tomorrow. All are hale and hearty, and in good spirits…but as usual, it’s best if you hear from some of our salty sea dogs.Peace out,Captain Kenny Hi from Joel and Ella (Blue Watch)Day 3 at sea (4 of the voyage) our seasickness has begun to pass; most of us are beginning to feel much better and enjoying life out on the sea. We got filling bacon and egg muffins cooked by Callum, Ally and Jacinta. Starting out the day with the Captain’s favourite, tacking the ship, with Lady Musgrave Island fast approaching and stronger winds our arms were put to work but our teamwork is definitely improving. However, after successfully manoeuvring the ship we were told that the condition was not up to scratch to anchor and take the sea boat ashore to the island…. But the Sail Master has promised many more opportunities to go ashore…. Fingers crossed. Before lunch (blue watch) Joel, Ayden, Ivanka and Ella got to climb to the top of the topgallant to cast loose gaskets while the others enjoyed happy hour and missed the swaying from aloft. It was a three way tie this time for cleanest area. Lunch was chipotle steak or falafel wraps (they were awesome) with fresh fruit. After lunch was the notorious rope races run by the great engineer, today’s ‘tie breakers’ included eating a dry Weetbix and whistling at the end, and best chicken impressions. In the late afternoon was the ‘3-way chats’ to help us get to know each other better as well as some great charades (the youthies won by the way). This was followed by a few team building games: first up was ‘Waaa’ and ended in a ‘moo off’ competition. Next was ninja tag followed by stomp which saw a few of us rolling around on the deck in tears of laughter. Then we had the bright idea to tangle hands together and try to unravel ourselves (this did not work), final game was bang, lots of crossfire. Had a very gorgeous sunset which made for a great photo and selfie opportunity. Heading into a scrumptious dinner for taco Tuesday, with pulled pork and chickpea fillings followed by sticky date pudding for desert. We have learnt so much in the last 4 days and with the seasickness passing aside everyone is in high spirits and looking forward to exploring the Great Barrier Reef and all its wonderful islands.  


23 24 south / 151 19 east


Course:  304 degrees    Speed:  5Wind:  South easterly at 12 knots    Swell:  South Easterly at 1.0 metres    Weather:   Fine