Captain's Log
18 March 2002

Keen For A Challenge

Current situation at 1800: Our new Youth Crew joined early today after their long bus trip from Adelaide so we got going ahead of schedule. We sadly waved good bye to Port Pirie and headed to a snug anchorage for the night. As I type the YC are preparing to go aloft for the first time. They appear keen and ready to take on the challenge. They are also looking forward to getting underway tomorrow and heading south down the Spencer Gulf.Hello to all the people in Port Pirie, Whyalla and Port Lincoln who may be reading the Captains Log this evening.My champion team of Staffies for this Voyage to Adelaide are: Nath (Nazza) – XO, Aaron (Azza) – Nav, Chook (Chozza) – Watch Officer, Rags (Razza) – White Watch Leader, Mhanda (Mazza) – Blue WL,Chantal (Chazza) – Red WL, Barry (Bazza) – Engineer, Polly (Pozza) – Chef.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis (Bozza)


33° 4' South / 137° 59'


At anchor Germain Bay, Port Pirie.Wind southerly at 15 knots, temp 19 C (it's a bit cold when the sun went down)