Captain's Log
1 March 2000

Just South of Ulladulla

Well the sea breeze didn’t appear yesterday (too much cloud cover) but we had a nice breeze from the east anyway. This made for perfect conditions for learning how to set and furl all those sails and tacking the ship which all went well. Kept the breeze most of the night so we had all sail up cruising at a graceful six knots with a little help from the East Australia current. As is usual in this neck of the woods the wind died out early this morning so now we’re using the iron topsail. Forecast is for a sea breeze again this afternoon so we are currently closing the coast a bit to make the most of it (fingers crossed). Either that or we will just have to go for a swim.The new Youth Crew are settling in very well and learning fast. The Bosun’s birthday today so a lovely bit of cake to celebrate for morning tea. (He won’t let me divulge his age but rumour has it he is almost as old as me.)


35° 32' South / 151° 29'


Currently motoring in very light airs. Skies are clearing and it a lovely 23 degrees.