Captain's Log
10 May 2001

Junk Food Fix

Dawn broke and we were off the beautiful Magnetic Island – again. We anchored at 9am and we had a set of rope races – Blue Watch is in the lead after a three-way tie yesterday. Then, just before lunch I enthralled them with a presentation on sail theory. Then it was off in the boat to the beach and what a great day we had. We played a lot of sport, built some impressive sandcastles and held three way talks. Woody cooked a BBQ on the beach and then we headed back onboard around 7pm. Soon after we weighed anchor and sailed northwards – our destination tomorrow is Orpheus Island. Everyone is well and having fun.Youth Crew entry by Lara Tate, 23 from Bendigo.Day 4, Thursday saw us arrive in none other than Magnetic Island. The plan was for a day trip to Horseshoe Bay. This provided us with the chance to get a junk food fix and the local shops to make a killing on chocolate and icecream. Finding our land legs was a little hard at first but the opportunity to lie back on the beach in the sun allowed us to overcome the problem. Being on the Young Endeavour provides you with a chance to discover things about yourself that you otherwise may not have know and an opportunity to push yourself to your limits and place yourself outside your comfort zone. For myself the feeling of self-achievement and experiencing the achievement of others would have to be the biggest high you can get. Other than the high I had at 3am today while belting out some tunes on the top yard arm with 3 other crew members. One of which had just overcome her fear of lights, this provided an extra rush for our crew to be there as she realised her achievement. Other than that I’d like to say Hellooooo to my Mum and Dad, Steve, Jade, Jac and my brother Dean who I hope will pass on this message. Signing off for now L.T.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


19° 6' South / 146° 51'


CO'S LOG Thursday 10 May 01Current situation at 2000: At Anchor Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island. Temp 26C, wind northerly at 10 knots.