Captain's Log
2 April 2008


Ahoy ShipmatesPlease find attached today’s Captains Log which has been written by YOUNG ENDEAVOURS Chief Engineer Lindsey Smith who celebrates his 19th wedding anniversary with his lovely wife Margaret today.Yours AyeCaptain GavHi Family & FriendsWell today started with our first night time tack of the voyage at midnight. I must say a few of the Youth Crew found it a bit of a shock but all got up on deck in quick time to see us wear the ship (Takes a big man to wear a ship) within sight of the lights of Port Kembla & Wollongong.It has been raining fairly constant for the last 24 hours and the Youth Crew have become clones hard to distinguish between as they are dressed up in bright yellow wet weather gear.After breakfast this morning we finally had enough wind to conduct rotational tacks. This is an exercise in which each watch moves to the position normally filled by another watch and carries out the duties of that watch. It’s funny listening to the comments and friendly banter following rotational tacks which is the same on every voyage. “Your watch has it easy all they do is check away” “Glad I’m not in your watch we have it easy compared to you”Due to the persistent rain morning brief was moved inside to the confines of the caf�. Trish still gave us her salty sea tales on the origins of nautical terms which this morning was on the term “Hijack” Simon our Cook got frocked up to play the part of ‘lady of the night’ for the live demonstration. We don’t know what happened to Nanna this morning who normally visits us to return our clothing and left about items, she must have slept in. Unfortunately this also meant that we didn’t get to have our daily sing along which Nanna Diesel normally leads us in.Just after lunch today we pulled up alongside the wharf at HMAS CRESWELL the RAN Officer Training College. This enabled the Youth Crew & Staff to get ashore and make the most of the College facilities. Donavan who is a member of the RAN and desires to become a Staff member of Young Endeavour is doing his suitability voyage. During the day he conducted a sports day in the CRESWELL Gym for the Youth Crew & Staff.After playing sport the Youth Crew were taken on a tour of CRESWELL & the Museum by an Officer of the ships company which everyone found some part if not all of the tour very enjoyable & informative.This evening we have been lent the facilities of the CRESWELL Junior Sailors Mess to conduct a BBQ for the YC and Staff using the under cover facilities. Simon has done himself proud again with another fine fair and at least for this evening didn’t feel like he was cooking on a roller coaster at a theme park.The Staff and Youth Crew of Young Endeavour V2A/08 would like to thank the Ships Company of HMAS CRESWELL for the kind use of the establishment facilities & all the assistance providedAs mentioned earlier it has been raining and drizzling constantly all day as it did on this same day in this area exactly 19 years ago today. I know this as it is 19 years ago today that I married my beautiful wife Margaret. So Marg Happy Anniversary Sweetheart. I Love you & thanks for 19 wonderful years (when I’ve been home)LindseyEngineerSTS Young Endeavour


35°7's / 150°42'e


Berthed alongside at HMAS Creswell (Jervis Bay) and currently experiencing torrential rain.