Captain's Log
V02/18 Melbourne to Sydney
20 January 2018

Jervis Bay

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the Ship remained at sea in transit to Jervis Bay. The winds remained north easterly between 15 and 18 Kn and we motored through the night until just after sunrise when, 10 nm north of Jervis Bay, we reversed course, set all three square sails and two staysails and ran downwind back to JB. The purpose of this was to give the crew the experience of setting all of the squares as well as allowing us to shut down the engines and do some sailing using the power of the wind only.Sail Master Harry piped Wakey wakey at 0700 and encouraged everyone to come up on deck and checkout the beautiful sunny morning as well as the sight of all of our square sails set as we approached the entrance to the bay.Salty paid another visit to our morning brief this morning and explained the reason that we split the ‘dog watch’ into two 2 hr watches unlike the other watches which are all 4 hrs. Again we did this with the use of Staffy highly-tuned pantomime skills. Nana’s twin sister Beryl visited the Ship and gave the youthies some more cleanliness and tidiness tips. ‘Happy Hour’ followed, while the Ship transited to our anchorage off Huskisson. After another of Marcus’ mouth-watering lunches we launched the Seaboat and Watch Officer Adam ferried the watches ashore for a leg-stretch, a chance for a real cup of coffee and to conduct mid-voyage chats, managed by the watch leaders.After everyone had returned onboard we weighed anchor and departed the Bay. After everyone had dinner and the galley was clean we conducted Demonstrational Tacks about 10 miles east of Point Perpendicular. This involved small groups of youth crew coming up to the bridge and observing what occurs when we tack or wear-Ship. It took us about an hour to cycle through the whole crew, after which we handed-in sail and recommenced our passage north to Broken Bay.The ship will remain at sea overnight with the watches consolidating their setting and furling and navigation knowledge. It is intended that we will anchor the Ship tomorrow at Patonga, Broken Bay, in the late afternoon.Until tomorrow evening,Yours AyeCaptain Mike


35 03.5' S / 150 55.9' E


Weather - fine, Wind - NE at 15 kn, Swell - NE at 0.8m, Temp: 19 deg. C