Captain's Log
20 February 2011


Ahoy there everyone,Overnight Young Endeavour continued making ground to the north along the New South Wales South Coast (Eurobodulla Coast) with fore, aft and square sails set on a broach reach with a following sea. At sunrise the ship was making good five knots in light conditions. The morning brief was conducted with vigour quickly followed by happy hour.Captains Setting and Furling Drills were next on the agenda, these drills are designed to evaluate each watch in their ability to safely set and furl sails without compromising their own or the team’s safety in preparation for Command Day. It was with great satisfaction that each watch successfully completed setting and furling the designated sails, displaying high standards of teamwork, communication, knowledge, leadership and safety.After a fulfilling lunch it was time for round four of rope races which saw some very close competition between the watches as the Youth Crew were becoming increasingly familiar with the terminology, layout and location of items around the ship.Mid afternoon Young Endeavour entered Jervis Bay, were all hands were called to taking stations in order to conduct demonstrational tacks. This enables each watch the opportunity to stand on the bridge and observe the command and control aspects as the ship was tacked through the wind. These tacks consolidated the sail theory and practical deck work instruction gained over the previous six days.Demonstrational tacks culminated with a successful man overboard exercise before the ship proceeded to anchor adjacent Green Patch in the Jervis Bay Marine National Park. Next the Youth Crew elected their Command Team, results now known, the Young Endeavour will be in the capable hands of Youth Captain Jude and his team as of 1300 tomorrow where they will take control of this magnificent ship for 24 hours.After a sumptuous BBQ dinner, a special movie was screened on the upper deck for the Youth Crew, depicting a young man who sailed around Cape Horn in 1929 on one of the last tall ship cargo vessels. Many similarities and comparisons could be drawn 80 years later with our own band of young adventurers.So after another very busy day, the Youth Crew have settled into their anchor watches for the night, hopefully achieving a good night’s rest in anticipation and preparation for tomorrow’s commencement of Command Day.Our last seven days at sea had seen significant developments in the overall journey of our young adventurers. They have progressed enormously both individually and collectively as the voyage continues to gain momentum. Command Day approaches with great anticipation for all. The intention is to remain at anchor overnight prior to weighing in the afternoon for the adventure and challenge that is Command Day in Young Endeavour.Until tomorrow evening when we will read the exploits of Youth Captain Jude and his team, take care.Yours ayeCaptain Damien        


35°7's / 150°43'e


2300 at anchor - Weather scattered cloud, Wind S 14 knots, Swell nil, Temperature 21 degrees, Barometer 1012 hpa