Captain's Log
30 March 2001

It’s Been a Blast

Coffs is behind us now and the YC are feeling better for the brief respite. Spirits are high now as the seasickness fades as a bad memory. We sailed from port today and we all got drenched in some big ol’ fat rain, so we know that our brand-new wet weather gear works really well. All the sail is set and we should cross the border early tomorrow and maybe do a close fly-by along the Gold Coast. This evening the YC will be challenged with a special exercise. I’ll tell you how it went tomorrow night.Youth Crew entry by Nadine, 20 years old from Alice Springs NT. So far on this voyage it’s been a blast. It’s great to see so many people coming together, not knowing each other and just to see the results that we have been able to accomplish so far. There are people that haven’t been anywhere near a boat, let alone a great big ship such as the Young Endeavour. So far we’ve had everything, wind, rain and high swells. Today coming out of Coffs Harbour it bucketed down. Anywhere else I would be rugged up inside, but today we were all out setting sails and so forth. For me I though that was one of the great times so far, we were all like ants on an ant farm I suppose but just the rush of it all and then to sit back later on and see what has been done is a great high. Just to finish off, there are a few people that would like to say to their folks including myself. Hi to Jan, Bruce and Corinne Larsen, all in Alice Springs.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


29° 0' South / 153° 37'


CO's LOG Friday 30 Mar 01Current situation at 1800: At sea off Grafton and flying north with a strong sou'easter. Temp-hey, it's getting warnmer. No sign of the lone oarsman.