Captain's Log
4 February 2002

It’s all part of the adventure

Current situation at 1800: Fifty miles out to sea, four miles of ocean beneath us. Wind in our hair and salt on our teeth. It doesn’t get better than this. Overnight we flew up the coast with a raging wind at our heels and by tomorrow morning we should be a few miles south of the mouth of the Murray River. Before we get there though we need to turn to the west and head through the Backstairs Passage if we are to get to our next anchorage at Kangaroo Island.Today was the usual action packed day. A few tacks and wears to make sure we were heading in the right direction and then a sail handling demonstration by our sailing master, the nordic giant, Nathan. We even had time for a silent sail where we turned off the generator and with just the ocean racing by and the groans of the ship we sailed along. Tonight the YC will test themselves in a teamwork exercise – their objective a mystery until the last moment.Youth Crew entry by Jen Wasson, age 16, from Kandos:Hi Mum, Daddy, Em, Gaby and my gorgous babes Josh 🙂 It’s now the sixth night that we’ve been on the ship and I tell you what, I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight. Waking up at odd hours of the morning, keeping watch in weather that feels like Winter, getting over the sea sickness- that was a hell of a time – setting and taking down sails, getting blisters on our hands….it’s been hard work but we’ve made it enjoyable and worth while. I’ve made a heap of friends and many I’m sure to keep in contact with after this voyage. I highly recomend this sailing trip to anyone who is up for a challenge….go on get out there and give it a go.Miss ya, love ya, leave yaJen xxooxxooYouth Crew entry by Andrew ���Ruby’ Phillips, age 23, from Davidson, Sydney:G’day everyone, and to all those checking in from the UK, USA, NZ and all those other wonderful places around Australia. I’m having an awesome time and have taken to the idea of off shore sailing, but we knew that I would. Got over sea sickness fairly quickly and got stuck into the duties involved to keep the ship on course for Ceduna. Some of the normal things on board include getting up at stupid o’clock, chasing your breakfast across the table when the ship rolls and cloudy overcast weather. It’s not bad – it’s all good. Looking forward now to reaching Kangaroo Island and jumping in for a swim around the smaller islands and maybe some nice warm weather. I’m ���not’ coming home soon Mum – no suprises there…..Well I’d better go and get some sleep, cya.���It’s all part of the adventure…..’Ruby


38° 0' South / 139° 59'


At sea under full sail south of Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Wind - southerly at 25 knots, temp 14C