Captain's Log
21 June 2010

It\’s all about looking good

Despite the rock and roll anchorage I think most of the crew managed to get a good nights sleep and those who had been suffering from seasickness were mostly cured. Immediately after morning brief the YC lay aloft to cast loose the gaskets off the square sails. I then gave a quick talk on how to sail from the anchorage and shortly thereafter that is exactly what we did and looking most impressive in the process. It\’s all about looking good. In the afternoon a set of rope races were keenly contested followed by Jordo dazzling the YC with his knowledge of the Rules of the Road. A shortish siesta was then granted before a set of demonstration tacks were conducted late in the afternoon. All along the ship made good progress northwards along the eastern shore of Fraser Island. The forecast is for conditions to deteriorate overnight and tomorrow with up to 35 kts of soueaster on the menu. For quite a few I don’t think this news will be greeted with enthusiasm and my original plan was to head up to the small township of 1770. However, I don’t think we will get great shelter there and we would have to beat our way back. Accordingly Plan B was dusted off and the intention is to proceed to anchor in Harvey Bay tomorrow evening. It’s a beautiful part of the world and it would be a shame to miss it.Captain GunnaCarpe’ Diem


24° 59' South / 153° 30' East


Co 020, Sp 6 ktsWind 140 / 18 kts