Captain's Log
25 November 2007

Island Hopping

Ahoy Shipmates,We sailed overnight to the west and in the morning wore ship so as we could sail past South Neptune Island. The island is supposedly home to a large seal colony but we could see none as we passed close by the northern side, perhaps they were all out catching breakfast. We then continued back to the east towards Wedge Island, so named because of its distinctive wedge shape, especially as viewed from the west. We conducted rotational/demonstration tacks in the late forenoon and early afternoon whereby the youth crew learn all the different tacking positions on board so as to have a more complete understanding of this relatively complex manoeuvre. On completion we sailed to anchor to a beach on the eastern side of Wedge Island, here everyone went ashore to explore another of South Australia’s fascinating islands.We sailed from anchor as the sun was setting over the island. The wind is fresh, the seas are calm, the sky is clear, and the moon is full.Yours Aye,Captain Bob


34° 59' South / 136° 36' East


Wind southeast 15 knots, smooth seas, slight swell, clear skies.