Captain's Log
Voyage 21/02
25 November 2002

Intense Tall Ship Sailing


Well, we are now half way through the Command Day for Voyage 21/02. In the spirit of Command Day the CO’s Log will be written primarily by members of the YC. They are Phil Withers, aged 21 of Howard Springs NT, Chris Weenink, aged 22 of Canberra ACT, Matt McCormick, aged 16 of Coolum Beach QLD and Lauren Grant, aged 21 of Belrose NSW.


For most of the YC, the day started with the usual morning call from the PA system, this time it was Lolly who shared a lovely song with us. Most people got a good nights sleep as we were anchored at Fingal Bay and had shortened watches. After our morning jog on the deck, refreshing swim, breakfast and morning brief, the command of the ship was handed to the YC at 0902 by the staff who had taken on what could be described as a more relaxed appearance. Finally, after 6 days of intense tall ship sailing, we gained control of the ship, watched closely by the staff. Our task, while in control of the ship, is to pass through as many way points as possible in the 24 hour period of command before finishing up in Newcastle.


We set off at around 1000 with the hope that we would make it to Newcastle in one piece. After passing through our first way point there was a strong feeling of achievement from the YC as we came to the realisation the training that we had received had turned us into tall ship sailors. This initial success spurred us on to try to reach the other 12 way points. It is now evening and YC who are not on watch are enjoying the chance to get some sleep before they are required to be on deck later tonight.


A special thank you has to go to Smylie and Sian, our YC chefs for the 24 hours, for providing us with excellent food for the day under very challenging circumstances. The voyage so far has been a very challenging experience and has brought out skills in the crew that we could never have imagined. As we think ahead to the end of the voyage it will be very sad to be leaving the ship and the staff, but before we start thinking about that there are still 2 days to go and more fun to be experienced.


The Young Endeavour has been amazing as we continue to learn more about ourselves and make some great friendships. I think we will all be able to leave saying ‘I did’ while we were on board and have made the most of the experience. Filthy, Chris, Lozza and Matt.


YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Mariner Speak: Tacking Ship – Turning the Bow through the Wind

Handy Billy – A small portable tackle used for general purposes


More to follow,

Paul Barrie Acting Commanding Officer



Young Endeavour Thought of the Day: “Do not pray for easy times: pray to be stronger. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers: pray for powers equal to your tasks”. John F. Kennedy