Captain's Log
1 October 2009

Inner Sister Island

Ahoy Shipmates, Overnight the wind continued to freshen from the north east and by 0800 this morning we were only 5nm from Sisters Passage, which is located at the most northern point of Flinders Island. Prior to morning brief we tacked ship and altered course to the northwest so that we could transit through Sisters Passage and proceed to our planned anchorage at Inner Sister Island. While transiting through this stretch of water I conducted Captains setting and furling drills and once this activity was complete all sail was handed in and we proceeded to anchor in the spectacular House Bay, which is located on the southern end of Inner Sister Island. Following an early lunch we commenced ferrying the YC ashore conscious of the fact that they were keen to set foot on ���terra firma�� and we wanted to maximise their time ashore in such a remote and beautiful part of the country. While ashore the Youth Crew were given the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear water of House Bay, play beach sports or hike up to the top of the island peak which provided panoramic views of Bass Strait, Flinders Island and of course YE at anchor in House Cove. By late afternoon we had ferried everyone back onboard to enjoy one last swim from the ship prior to enjoying a five star ���teak deck BBQ�� professionally cooked by the Staff Crew of YE. On completion of the BBQ I presented my Command Day brief which was immediately followed by the Youth Crew command elections. By 2100 these elections were complete and after a short brief with the Youth Crew Captains elect the YC have now settled into anchor watches for the night and a well deserved rest in preparation for the commencement of tomorrows much anticipated Command Day.Until Tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


39° 42' South / 147° 54' East


Currently at anchor in House Bay and enjoying very light NW winds.