Captain's Log
6 August 2002

Incredibly busy

Today has been an incredibly busy day for all hands with a full schedule of activities starting at sunrise this morning. The first morning brief of the voyage saw Watch Officer Joanna explain the nautical origins of several commonly used pharses, such as ‘letting the cat out of the bag’. Happy Hour, XO Paul’s favorite activity ofthe day, followed the brief and then the Youth Crew enjoyed the morning tea that Chef Karen had prepared. While all of this was going on, the Staff Crew weighed anchor and shaped a course to clear Gladstone harbour. The remainder of the forenoon was taken up with the ‘Captain Safety’ briefing and the first part of the deck safetyand line handling lecture. About this time the first green faces of the voyage made their appearance caused, no doubt, by the Sou’ Easterly ground swell that had set in.After lunch, the Youth Crew continued with learning about deck safety, setting and furling drills and finally, tacking drills. The last of the drills was completed as the sun set and all hands were rewarded by witnessing the ‘Green Flash'(albeit not as green as it has been). Between the excitement of being onboard and the full-on day two program, the Youth Crew are tuckered out and looking forward to getting their heads down as soon as possible. The night watches tonight will provide a significant challenge for many of them as we round Breaksea Spit and loose the protection of the lee of Fraser Island.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR fact file: The Ship undergoes a four and a six week maintenance period each year. In 2004, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR will undergo her half-life refit.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary:Tacking-turning the ship onto the opposite tack by passing the bow through the wind. Wearing-turning the ship onto the opposite tack by passing the stern through the wind.Thought of the day: A leader creates space that: empowers others, inspires others and makes conscious that which is unconscious in others. Author unknown.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN


24° 3' South / 152° 16'


Wind: East at 5 kts.