Captain's Log
1 July 2002

Impossibilities Vanish

Situation at 2000-Voyage 13/02 commenced today at 16:00 when the Youth Crew arrived onboard and were assigned to their watches. Once the Staff Crew had been introduced, the parts-of-ship closed up and we gotunderway from the Port of Bundaberg. It only took an hour to reach the anchorage position and during the short passage the Youth Crewwere busy conducting ‘Icebreaker’ exercises. Chef Karen prepared a terrific supper and before long all hands were fed and ready for the first night’s program. Captain John and XO Paul briefed the Youth Crew on the voyage program and the rules and regulations followed onboard YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. The climbing aloft brief has been completed and as I write this the Youth Crew are already participating in their first climb of the voyage.The Youth Crew come from all over Australia and range in age from 16 to 23. They are from a wide variety of backgrounds but already are starting to come together as a team that is working to achieve group as well as individual goals. The Staff Crew for this voyage consists of: Captain John, XO Paul (Chooka), Navigator Luke, WatchOfficer Nathan, White Watch Leader Michael (Dutchy), Blue Watch Leader Lauren (Loz), Red Watch Leader Chantel (Channie), Engineer Greg (Rags) and Chef Karen (Kaz).Thought of the day: Man is so made, that whenever anything fires his soul…impossibilities vanish. La FontaineHappy 83rd Birthday Mum!Yours, AyeJohn Cowan


24° 47' South / 152° 27'


At anchor off Bargarra