Captain's Log
12 May 2001

I Want My Mum!

We anchored last night for the first time since leaving Townsville. We caught up on some sleep and after an early morning dip and a BBQ breakfast on deck, we got going. We sailed from the anchorage and then the YC held mid voyage talks with their watchleaders. We sailed by the majestic and craggy peaks of Hinchinbrook Island today and from here onwards the Great Barrier Reef and land converge leaving a narrow sea passage, called the ‘Inner Great Barrier Reef’, for us to navigate on the way to Cairns. Tonight we sail past Dunk Island and tomorrow we will arrive off the Frankland Islands near Mourilyan. Youth Crew entry by Chris George, 16 Mt Eliza, Vic.The voyage started well even with the lack of wind that still hangs over our heads. The weather is great and everyone is getting along well with each other and we are all bonding as one team. The journey really tests your tolerance and endurance, living in close quarters and being up on watches in the small hours of the morning. Then getting up to heaving on lines and practicing our tacking skills etc in case we find some wind. The crew are great and are always dressing up, and we all know how Eddie loves wearing dresses. Hi Mum, Dad, Andrew, Natalie and Grandad. See you on Thursday.Youth Crew entry by Mark Downes, 16, Cairns, QLD.Left Townsville on Monday and I can’t believe we are already half way through the voyage. The wind has been very slack the whole time and we are yet to make the two-knot mark undersail. Having a great time on board and discovering new things. Met a whole heap of new people who are really great and fun to get along with. The weather is fantastic (apart from the lack of wind) and we have seen many dolphins and sea snakes. I don’t know what is wrong with the staff but I think that the time they spend at sea is going to their heads because they would have to be the craziest bunch of people that I have ever met. Blue watch is definitely the best as it has been proven in the results of the daily rope races that have been held. Just to finish off I would like to say hi to Mum, Dad, Kate, Heidi, Emma, Kylie and all my mates that are most likely currently studying for school.Stay tuned and a Happy Mother’s Day wish to all those Mums and Grannies out there. Your youth crew and staff crew are safe and well and hoping you have a great day. Sorry we can’t be with you.Happy Mother’s Day Mum and Cindy-lou.Andrew Davis


18° 8' South / 146° 20'


CO's LOG Saturday 12 May 01Current situation at 1800: At sea off Hinchinbrook Island. Wind nor'easterly at 4.2 knots. Temp 26C. Boo'tiful.