Captain's Log
29 April 2001

I Miss My Ford Falcon

We made very good ground to the N overnight so this morning we anchored in the lee of Cape Upstart for a few hours to conduct some activities on deck. The youth crew have become most inquisitive regarding their upcoming Command Day, so today I briefed them on the general guidelines. First, they are to elect their own command team ��� everything from Chef, to Captain, to Watchleaders and Navigators.Next, I will give them a set of objectives to meet and off they go. All are quickly making final preparations and all being well we will have an opportunity to spend a little time ashore tomorrow on Magnetic Island.Tonight though, it’s plain sailing…and so, until tomorrowYours AyeMatthew RoweYouth Crew Entry for 29 April 2001Hello everybody, this is marvellous. We are all having a fantastic time venturing through the gorgeous Whitsundays. The wind has finally picked up heaps and it goes well appreciated as we make a cracking pace through the Pacific Ocean. However, the wind now goes a little bit unappreciated by myself, cause the chair I’m sitting on to type this keeps falling over due to the swells…I would really like to say hello to me mum and Sarah. I love them both and really miss them heaps. Ben wishes to say hello to his mother and father and many girlfriends. I would also like to say we are all fantastically well. Jim O’Connell says hello to everyone and all, Dad, Uncle, and Nelgie. I miss my Ford Falcon GLI and stereo system. Loving the trip, really going off and I could do with some sleep. Bye for now…David Arnold(commonly now known as ‘Kettle’)


19° 24' South / 147° 39'


Captain's Log for 29 April 2001Situation at 1800: 15 nautical miles E of Cape Bowling Green continuing under Plain Sail NW toward Magnetic Is. Sailing on a quartering run on the starboard tack. Wind 125 at 17kts. Temp 26C. A very light cloud cover making for a beautiful NQld sunset.