Captain's Log
27 March 2001


The YC climbed again overnight and we woke early to meet a great day with some exercising and a brief swim in the Bay. Then the morning was devoted to safety briefs and line handling and sail setting before we weighed anchor and departed Sydney. The ship will not see this port for another six months.Seaward now, the ship sailed north-east. The wind, once forecast to make us go fast is abating. During our setting and furling drills this afternoon the ship was literally covered with a swarm of beetles and we had to turn on the engines to get away from this plague – strange things happen at sea…Everyone is pretty tired now after a big second day and the whole crew has performed magnificently. A great start on our voyage to Brisbane.Youth Crew entry by Hayden, 21 of Chippendale NSW.I came on board the Young Endeavour to be challenged but I didn’t understand to what degree. Already I have climbed the mast and watched the sunrise 4 stories high swaying, Learnt how to tack, and general knowledge about sailing, WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. This whole experience to can be related to the flying formation of geese, they fly in a V formation to increase speed and HONK to encourage one another, all the crew is so supportive and encourage all along the way to reach our goal at the end. This experience is something that I will never forget, the web site certainly does this experience justice. Highly recommended.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


33° 39' South / 151° 22'


Current situation at 1800: At sea off Broken Bay, heading north. Wind light easterly, temp 24C.