Captain's Log
V09/19 Cairns to Airlie Beach
15 June 2019

Hinchinbrook Island

Ahoy shipmates and welcome to a Glorious day 3. It’s Sailmaster Dion here and I’ll be filling you in on today’s activities for Captain Kenny. We had the wind against us most of the night but persevered toward our first anchorage at Hinchinbrook Island, and the magical Zoe bay. Over-night watches progressed their line handling skills, their deck awareness, conducted rounds of the ship to ensure everything was in good working order and some even managed another climb. Our team have made a fantastic start to our journey and remain positive, eager and enthusiastic. After a busy night, we had another action packed and fun filled day in store and happily it not only met, but exceeded all our expectations. After a great morning ashore, we made for our next anchorage at beautiful Horseshoe Bay of Magnetic Island. We are currently at anchor and the watches will continue to ply their trade overnight before the new day bring new challenges. I’ll hand over to some of the Mighty White Watch to give you a few more details on their adventures to date.Until tomorrow, fair winds,Sailmaster Dion   Jarray and Taylor here from White Watch giving you today’s captain log! Today started with wakey wakey eggs and bakey! This morning’s adventure started after a long evening of watches around the clock! After what felt like a quick nap, we dug into breakfast and packed our day bags for a jam packed morning at Zoe Bay! Each watch was ferried off Young Endeavour and towards long awaited solid ground. Avoiding the crocs we made it to land and began the short 15 minute walk through the beautiful rainforest towards the magnificent Zoe’s waterfall. We spent a few hours splashing in the lagoon, swinging off rope swings, sunbaking, sitting in the waterfall and watching a number of failed backflips! Then we began a steep climb to the top of the falls, challenging ourselves on rocky terrain, however what we witnessed at the top was well worth the climb as we looked out over the island (the set for the Movie Nim’s Island) and back towards our temporary home – the Young Endeavour. The journey back to the boat was challenging as the tides rode out and the last few of us had to transfer boats, which made the ride back very fun! Lunch could not have been in higher anticipation as we wolfed down our amazing wraps – thanks Zac – and spent all the time we had in the sun before it hid once again behind the clouds. A few Youthies ventured out onto the bow sprit to enjoy the waves below – harnessed to the boat Mum don’t worry! In the afternoon we learnt about navigation with Daz the Nav from Tas! And built our teamwork skills with some fun activities with Sumo! We spent some time aloft and practiced setting our sails. Today’s day was a special exception as neighbouring ships could hear our Happy Birthday Chants for our White Watch leader Blake! Zack’s shout-out for Lillie; You’re right, the beaches really are spectacular between Cairns and Airlie! We are all missing our loved ones, Jay wants to shoutout, Hi to Mummashell, Dad, Jonny and Eden – love you guys! Over and out from our White Watch family – Taylor, Zack, Anna, Mack, Jay, Connor, Filly and Alex!


19-06.48S / 146-51.23E


Wind 170 at 11 knots    Sea 2 Swell 150 at 1m