Captain's Log
20 June 2008

Hinchinbrook Island

Ahoy Shipmates, Morning wake up call (Call the hands) was piped at 0400 this morning and once everyone was on deck preparations were quickly made to sail. At 0445 the anchor was weighed and YE sailed quietly away from her anchorage at Pioneer Bay. Once underway the Ship was brought under full plain sail and with the assistance of a fresh south westerly land breeze we quickly increased speed to 5kts. The reason for this early morning sail was to let the YC experience sunrise together from the mast of a Tallship, so at 0530 all YC lay aloft and manned all three yards and together as a crew witnessed a special and hopefully memorable sunrise from the mast of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. After sunrise everyone lay below for breakfast which was quickly followed by morning brief. As our planned anchorage was now only 2nm away, all sail was handed in and we motored to our new anchorage in Zoe Bay (which is on the eastern side of the spectacular Hinchinbrook Island). After cleaning stations the YC were ferried ashore were their Watch Leaders conducted mid voyage talks before taking the 30 minute walk through the tropical rain forest up to a spectacular waterfall and lagoon were everyone enjoyed a refreshing swim. Everyone was back onboard by mid afternoon and after a short break YE weighed anchor and sailed out of Zoe Bay. Once in open water it was straight into rotational tacks, this evolution gives the YC the opportunity to experience and gain an appreciation for each others position and gives them a better understanding of ship management in preparation for the rapidly approaching Command Day. During the night watches tonight the YC will complete the ���BEAREX�� (initiative, communication & teambuilding exercise) and continue to consolidate their newly found sailing and navigation skills.Yours AyeCaptain GavPlease find attached Captains Log entry from White WatchCaptains Log Voyage 09/08Ahoy there landlubbers!Elise here, representing White Watch which consists of Lou, Loydy, Lewi, Ev, Marlee, Bee, Penny, Jonno and Sarah. We have been having a ripsnorter of a day, which began at 4am when all the youth crew was woken to watch the sunrise from aloft  and then sail the ship from Orpheus Island across to Hinchinbrook Island. Hinchinbrook Island was a real treat for us salty sea farers as we got to frolick in a huge freshwater pool at the bottom of a beautiful waterfall. The staff inform us that it takes 3 days to walk there if you don’t go by boat, so we had the fishes and the freshwater all to our selves! Arrrrrgggghh, it was jolly. So we find ourselves on watch tonight, tired and content, with very sore hands from setting the sails and climbing aloft! Hi to all at home from all of white watchOver and out xoxo


18° 14' South / 146° 21' East


Currently sailing under full plain sail and experiencing very light 5-10kt SE winds