Captain's Log
V14/18 Airlie Beach to Cairns
8 August 2018

Hinchinbrook – Dunk Islands

Ahoy shipmates,Well our cunning plan didn’t quite come to fruition. After 6 days of calm seas and light winds, overnight we had a bit of a blow. The wind remained at 15-20 knots whipping up the seas. Unfortunately this made our plan to anchor at Zoe Bay on Hinchinbrook Island untenable…so on to plan B…Dunk Island (not a bad plan B if you ask me). During the night the Youth Crew completed “Apples and Onions” where they provide each other with feed back on what was going well, and how they may improve or do things differently. Shortly after sunrise, Engineer Horto and myself took each watch through “Captain’s Setting and Furling”. We assess their ability to set and furl sails safely, and without staff supervision. I am happy to report they all passed with flying colours, an important achievement in preparation for tomorrow’s Command Day. After “Happy Hour” I issued the final challenge in their preparation to take charge of the ship…the “Captain’s Challenge”. Quite simply we hand in all sail and then ask the Youth Crew to get us underway again…and I was suitably impressed with their efforts. Within an hour they had the required sails set and we were moving through the water. Lunch was followed by another round of “Rope Races”, immediately after which we came to anchor on the northern side of Dunk Island. The island was devastated by cyclone Yassi in 2011 and has never quite recovered. The resort remains closed which is a shame as it is such a pretty spot, and has so much to offer (Dunk Island is just off Mission Beach). We then shuttled the Youth Crew ashore for a walk/swim/beach games. And the perfect weather has returned…good news. On their return onboard the winds of the previous night had abated so we sent them aloft to sea furl the Top Gallant and Topsail, and Main Sail. Another delicious meal from Marcus followed, and I have just finished the Command Day brief. As I write they are conducting elections (format of their own choosing) for the positions of Captain, Sail Master, Navigator, Watch Leaders, and Chefs. It will then be time for anchor watches and an early night…a big day ahead. Tomorrow night’s Captain’s Log will be completed by the Youth Crew as part of their Command Day…I’m sure it will be entertaining.Fair WindsCaptain Kenny


17 55 south / 146 08 east


Course:  At anchor    Speed:  0 ktsWind:  South Easterly at 6 knots    Swell:  Negligible   Weather:   Fine