Captain's Log
1 June 2000

Hello Brisbane (Ni-Ni Ninny..)

With our special guests embarked we sailed at 1000 and enjoyed a lively sail in Moreton Bay. Our newest crewmembers had a ball and got involved in all aspects of sailing the ship. The Youth Crew were absolutely fantastic and made our guests very welcome. They also thoroughly enjoyed their role and the sense of pride and achievement was very obvious. We returned to our berth at 1300 to disembark some very happy people and then sailed again an hour later. As we proceeded to our favourite anchorage at Mud Island the Youth Crew harbour furled the sails.Once at anchor, ‘end of voyage’ talks were conducted with each watch group and then any spare time left was spent preparing for the evening concert. The concert was held on deck in freezing windy conditions but nevertheless was still an enjoyable event. The staff paid tribute to Nathan, the XO, who is sadly leaving Young Endeavour and indeed the Navy, having served 18 mths onboard. We’ll miss you Ninny. (Any Youth Crew that have had the pleasure to sail with Nathan will understand that!)Anchor was weighed at 0720 and the ship motored up the Brisbane River arriving at Bulimba at 1000 as planned. As we approached the wharf, the Youth Crew whom had manned the yards, broke out into song singing the Australian National anthem. Moving stuff for them and also for the good crowd of family and friends waiting on the wharf. I awarded end of voyage certificates to the Youth Crew and had the pleasure of awarding the Order of Australia Emblem to Nina Stevens of Melbourne. So ends another successful voyage. We had some trying weather conditions and some excellent and exhilarating sailing. The Youth Crew were fantastic and worked very well as a team. They should be proud of what they achieved in their time before the mast. Well done.Have a good weekendAndrew


27° 27' South / 153° 9'


Wind 260/20kts, Temp 16, still clear and brisk