Captain's Log
V02/18 Melbourne to Sydney
18 January 2018


Ahoy there Shipmates, Overnight the Ship continued to make ground to the north-east towards Jervis Bay and the wind maintained a steady 15 kn from the NE, which was the direction we needed to go in. This resulted in us having to motor most of the day. Morning Brief included an informative presentation from ‘Salty’ who spoke on the nautical origins of the expressions: ‘to let the cat out of the bag,’ ‘to have someone over a barrel,’ and ‘not enough room to swing a cat.’ This included another display of Staffie fine acting skills. Nana made her first appearance at the Morning Brief and she used her ‘parade of shame’ of loose, unsecured items of clothing she had found lying around in the Youthie accommodation. Next she taught the crew the song ‘Crabs and Seashells.’ After Happy Hour I gave my first Sail Theory presentation to White Watch, arming them with the necessary knowledge for Command Day. Following lunch the crew had an hour of down time to relax before Round 2 of Ropies. I then gave Sail Theory briefs to the remaining watches. It is intended to continue our passage to Jervis Bay overnight, with each of the watches undertaking the teamwork and leadership exercise known as the ‘Bearex’ during their night watch. Until tomorrow,  Yours Aye,  Captain Mike


37 46.7' S / 149 43.9' E


Wind - NNE at 16 Kn, Weather: fine, Swell - from the NE at 1.5 m, Temp: 18 deg. C