Captain's Log
30 June 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,The good news is that Sandon returned onboard just before midnight last night after having his injured hand attended to and being given the “green light” to continue on the voyage.This morning all YC were again back on deck at 0630 for another early morning activity (EMA). Following breakfast we conducted morning brief during which I presented the 2nd Engineer Petty Officer Darryn (SUMO) Smith with a Certificate of Appreciation for 20 years of outstanding service to the Royal Australian Navy. To symbolise this occasion I declared that today on YOUNG ENDEAVOUR would be a “Hug Sumo Day”, immediatly alll 27 Youth Crew proceeded to ‘group hug’ SUMO. While the YC were at ‘Happy Hour’ (cleaning stations) Staff Crew weighed anchor and the Ship departed Cairns (hopefully for the last time during this voyage) under main engines. Once in clear water all fore and aft sails were set and YE shaped course to the east. Throughout the afternoon we continued to tack ship and by doing so slowly began to gain ground to the south. By early evening we had reached the entry to Grafton Passage and after completing one more tack managed to hold a south westerly course with the hope of passing to the east of Fitzroy Island without having to conduct another tack. Throughout the night watches tonight, the YC will continue to consolidate their new found sailing and navigation skills while continuing the difficult task of sailing YE against the prevailing south-easterly trade winds.Yours AyeCaptain Gav 


16°47's / 146°7'e


Currently east of Fitzroy Island sailing close hauled under fore & aft sails and experiencing moderate 12-17kt SE winds