Captain's Log
1 September 2010


Hi Everyone,Following a good nights sleep the Youth Crew were awake and on deck for the normal Early Morning Activity at 0630. Given that it was a fine and relatively warm morning it was unanimously agreed by all that we would start the day with a ‘wake-up’ swim. The pleasing thing about this decision was that everyone participated. Once out of the water everyone enjoyed a hearty breakfast then made preparations to start the final leg of the George Bass Surf Boat Marathon. At 0830 we embarked DGNP CDRE Dave Letts who had previously accepted my invitation to sail with us to Eden and to also fire the starting cannon for the official start of the race. To make this start even more spectacular we sent the Youth Crew Aloft to cast loose the gaskets on all three squares and in doing so had them ‘manning the yards’ at race start. By 0900 all of the surf boats had crossed the start line and commenced the 13nm race from Merimbula to Eden. At this time we weighed anchor, set a full press of sail then proceed to escort the surf boats to Eden. At 1150 with the last of the surf boats safely across the finish line Young Endeavour came safely to anchor in Calle Calle Bay (located just north of Eden) and in doing so successfully completed our commitment with the George Bass Surf Boat Marathon. Following lunch we had another quick swim then weighed anchor, departed Calle Calle Bay and commenced our passage to Newcastle. Once in open water we conducted another set of hotly contested ‘Rope Races’ which was followed by Suzy the Boats Officer presentation on Rules of the Road. To complete the afternoons activities the Watch Leaders sat down with their Watches and conducted Mid Voyage Talks. Overnight the Youth Crew will complete the BEAREX (teamwork and communication exercise) as we continued to make good ground to the north.At the moment we are located 18nm to the south of Montague Island motor sailing due to very light conditions.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav  


36°32's / 150°8'e


Currently experiencing very light NE winds with a .5m swell.