Captain's Log
11 January 2003

Heading into a Fresh Breeze

Situation at 20:00- The teamwork exercise the watches completed overnight proved to be very valuable and highlighted the importance of effectivecommunication and cooperation in completing complicated tasks. All hands now have a better understanding of the dynamics of working in a team setting and the importance of every team member making an effective contribution.’Son-of-a-Gun’ was Salty Sea Dog Loz’s topic of discussion at today’s morning brief. It was a somewhat laborious description butShe certainly made Her point effectively. After happy hour and morning tea the main event of the forenoon was Rope Races. With all plain sail set, the Ship made good progress Northward and the Youth Crew found themselves aloft setting and handing sail throughout the forenoon and afternoon.At 15:00 each of the watches met to discuss how the voyage was progressing. We are at the mid-point of the voyage and thisprovided an opportunity for the Staff Crew to hear how the Youth Crew see how it unfolding. The day also saw the Ship tack and wear several times as we work towards maintaining a position upwind of Sydney.We are Southbound now and close-hauled as we head into a fresh breeze. We will wear around to the North overnight and run downto anchor in Hunters Bay in Sydney Harbour tomorrow. Command day is almost upon us and the Youth Crew will have to work hard at proving they are ready to take on the responsibility of sailing YOUNG ENDEAVOUR.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship carries two Staff Crew who have been specifically trained in an advanced level of medicalcare. They are able to administer minor pain drugs and able to deal with most medical situations that arise. If necessary, medical advice is available from Naval and Civilian authorities ashore via satellite communications. All other Staff Crew members are trained to a basic level of first-aid knowledge.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Stay- Wire standing rigging leading forward from the masts to support them. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR’s stays run from the foremast forward to the bowsprit and the foc’sle, and from the mainmast forward to the foremast. Missed stays- When the ship fails to go through the wind when tacking and pays off on the sametack again.Thought of the day: Property may be destroyed and money may loose its purchasing power, but character, health, knowledge and good judgememt will always be in demand under all conditions.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN


34° 14' South / 151° 25' East


At sea under four sails. Wind: Sou' East at 25 kts. Cloud: 6/8. Temp:22c. Sea State:4.