Captain's Log
17 May 2001

Heading Home

Upon entry to port the yards were manned with the Youth Crew: Blueys on the Topgallant, Whities on the Topsail and Reddies on the Course, as Young Endeavour sailed up Cairns Harbour to meet friends and family on the wharf at 1000.At a gathering at midships on arrival, I presented the crew with Voyage Certificates and in recognition of the Tall Ship sailor who most embodied the spirit of the ship, I presented the Order of Australia Emblem to Dan Crichton, 16, of Miriwinni, Qld. Well done, Dan. Your efforts were appreciated by all of the crew and you played a huge role in the success of the voyage.Our next Voyage in our Circumnavigation of Australia will be from Cairns to Weipa. We will sail up the Queensland coast and across the most northerly point in Australia, Cape York, and then down into the Gulf of Carpentaria. Speak to you on Monday.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


16° 56' South / 145° 47'


CO's LOG Thursday 17 May 01 : V8 endsCurrent situation at 1100. At Cairns, Trinity Wharf No. 3. Our Voyage from Townsville to Cairns has been successfully completed and the Youth crew are now heading home.