Captain's Log
15 February 2000

Heading for Whangaroa Hbr

Yesterday was a full on day with a lot being accomplished. Once clear of Auckland Harbour, line safety was taught and then each watch conducted setting and furling drills. This culminated in a series of tacks which finished at 1800 in the vicinity of Great Barrier Island. The ship motor sailed north in moderate NE winds until 2300 when the ship came off the wind and square sails were set allowing the engines to be shut down. We have been broad reaching to the NW since averaging 6-7kts.Sea sickness has been quite popular amongst the youth crew (and some staff). The bosun, has requested that the chef not serve apple crumble for desert on the first night at sea. Apparently it is difficult to hose off the deck. The swell is quite large and it is understandable that some are feeling crook.The ship passed Cape Brett this morning and a navigation lecture was given as we passed off shore of the Bay of Islands. We are hoping to anchor at Whangaroa Harbour this afternoon for a few hours and have a deck BBQ. I declared that Whangaroa was the most beautiful anchorage I have seen during the last voyage, and thought it would be nice to show it to a few others. After dinner we will get underway and continue our passage NW along the Kiwi coast.


35° 4' South / 174° 13'


Course 300, Speed 6kts, Wind 040/15kts, Temp 20C, overcast