Captain's Log
5 January 2001

Happy Hour to Wine Glass Bay

1800hThe wind continues to be a mixed bag. Last night we headed out to sea against a freshening northerly and at midnight tacked under reduced sail in 30 knots of wind. By 0300 however the wind had died and we resorted to motors to help take us north. After Happy Hour (cleaning stations) and another set of rope races we anchored in Wine Glass Bay at 1100, possibly the prettiest bay on the east coast of Tasmania. After lunch all headed ashore for a well earned leg stretch and some informal beach sports. Back on board this evening we enjoyed a barbecue on deck followed by three way talks, which is where the Youth Crew get to provide a short description of each other’s lives and help us all to get to know one another better. Now it will be into anchor watches for the night, allowing all to catch up on some sleep and recharge before heading out to sea again tomorrow. Cap’n Bob


42° 10' South / 148° 18'


At anchor Wine Glass Bay. Wind light variable, partly cloudy, temp 20C.