Captain's Log
6 February 2002

Happy Birthday Chook!

Early this morning we sighted what looked to be a great bay to anchor in. We were not disappointed. We anchored just after 8 o’clock and went for a swim in the crystal clear water. Before luncheach of the watches held mid voyage talks to discuss the progress of the voyage so far. After lunch we headed ashore and had a ‘big day out’ on the beach. This was a fantastic place to visit – very isolated and the beach was pristine. Tonight we shall rest our weary bones and perhapswatch ‘the’ movie. Tomorrow we will get going early and go searching for another cool beach. Here’s Bek to tell you how today has been.Youth Crew entry by Bek, 18 in 12 weeks (not that I’m counting), from good ol’ Wangaratta.Hello again to all you internet junkies out there. I’ve been given the special priviledge of writing for a second time, so I’ll try andbe quick. We had an absolutely fantastic day yesterday. We anchored at Emu Bay and swam by the ship for about 15 minutes, then after half anhour of ‘happy hour’ (cleaning) and the usual scrumlicious food prepared by the beautiful Karen, we headed ashore. (After seeing myzodiac driving skills, everyone here has vowed not to car pool with me when I get my P’s.) We had tonnes of fun playing volleyball, poison ball and ‘Polly ball’ (a game made up and refereed by Polly, which allowed him to make up rules along the way to favour his fellow staff). We had a great swim, and made sure the staff had a good dunking. I was able to go for a reasonably long run along the beach, which felt great in comparison to doing laps around the deck. (Youshould see all my bruises.) We had a yummy BBQ on the beach, joined by a local dog called Milo, who managed to rouse everyone from their ‘lazy’ positions in about one-tenth of the time the staff can manage. (Though I wouldn’t like them to use Milo’s methods). Back on board, we snuggled into the cafe in preparation for a great ‘new release.’ It suited me fine, coz it only went for half an hour, whichwas long enough for most of us. (Especially Dan and Jen who had only two hours sleep a few nights back after sharing a full bottle of straight red cordial). We’re all having a ball. Today is a very special day, as it’s Chooka’s birthday.(Happy birthday again LittleChic.) He had pancakes and Violet Crumble icecream in bed (for brekky) and a hug from me – what more could you want? I must writeabout the latest on the Kenny front: after major surgery by the boat’s most honest story-teller, Ian, Kenny the Koala (our mascot) is now comprised of one part rather than 5 or 6. A beautiful tribute was produced and read out this morning (an ode to Kenny) by four of my fabulous fellow crew members: Claire, Tash, Sandra and Fly.Someone KILLED KENNY, but he’s been resurrected.Well, bye for now and forever probably, coz the Cap’n is promptly becoming weary of my essays (never – bring it on). Hope Mum, Dad, Josh and/or Rach are reading this, and that my little puppy-dog is havinga great time. (By the way, can we buy a cake for when I return, coz I sort of got a complex when you celebrated my departure?) Luv to all.oxoxoP.S. I promised Rags I’d type something nice about him if he stopped reading over my shoulder, so I’ll fulfill his wish: Rags is theGREATEST Rags I’ve ever met, and he is so beautiful, especially when he’s being pulled under the water. Luv ya Rags. 🙂 Ciao folks.BekStay tuned,Andrew Davis


35° 35' South / 137° 31'


At anchor Emu Bay, Kangaroo Island.Wind southerly at 5 knots, Temp 21C