Captain's Log
21 May 2013

Half Day sail Day

Ahoy there Shipmates, This morning Guv awoke the Youth Crew at 0630 and roused them up and onto the deck for an entertaining early morning activity. With the blood flowing and everyone ready and raring for another full day of fun the Youth Crew then went below for some breakfast and to have a quick shower. The staffies made all preparations to weigh anchor at 0750 so that we could start making way to Gladstone Marina. Once the anchor was aweigh there was a snappy morning brief of the starboard side of the bridge (apparently the sun was in the eyes of the Youthies when they were standing on the port side…) and then they went below once more to clean the ship in preparation for our guests. Just before 0900 we berthed alongside the service wharf at Gladstone Marina and then promptly ditched some of the rubbish that had started to smell (mainly due to all the sun and good weather we have been experiencing). Once the rubbish was ashore we soon welcomed our guests from the Cerebral Palsy League of Gladstone, GCLA and Rosella Public School. It was a pleasant surprise to see a couple of old shipmates who had been on the half day sail last time I was in Gladstone and we were soon swapping old sea stories about what we have been up to over the last eight months. We departed the wharf at 1016 and then proceeded out into the harbour to attempt to do some sailing in the very light conditions. Our valent attempts managed to eek out a meagre 1kt of boat speed, but it was fun enough just setting and furling sails. There were guest appearances by the Youth Crew Choir the “Waggles” and some of the afterguard had a chance to practice their cannon firing skills. However all to soon the day was at an end and we brought the ship back alongside and disembarked our guests. The Youthies then kicked into overdrive helping to stow all the much needed food for the next trip below. This crew of Youthies had almost eaten poor Chef Bec out of house and home with their veracious appetites. Once the ship was squared away once more, the Youth Crew went ashore to have an end of voyage chat in their watches. It was a good chance to reflect upon everything that has happened in the last 10 days and one of their last chances to hang out as a watch. Once they were back onboard Mick conducted the final round of rope races and then announced the prize (I sadly can’t tell you, but if you are here tomorrow it will all make sense). The Youthies then proceeded aloft to put a final harbour furl in the square sails in preparation for the end of the voyage. We departed the Marina at 1700 for one last anchorage and to get some space out in the harbour for our last night at sea. Tonight’s activities will involve an amazing Pizza dinner and then a slide show of the trip followed by some post voyage admin. Its been a very busy day so I thought I might get this second to last CO’s log out before dinner. Until tomorrow, glory is fleeting but obscurity is forever CAPT Matt Do, or do not, there is no try Yoda


23° 50' South / 151° 19' East


Wind: Easterly at 6ktsSwell: Nil