Captain's Log
28 March 2003

Growing into a Better Person

Situation at 21:00- During the night watches last night the Youth Crew completed the major team building exercise of the voyage. Each watch in turnwas required to complete different seamanship tasks such as bracing the yards or furling and setting different sails. They were required to complete the exercise without Staff Crew assistance and utiliseattributes such as cooperation and tolerance. All three watches did a very good job and learned some valuable lessons about group dynamics.Right at midnight we anchored off the breakwater in Eden. The Ship’s radar became unservicable earlier in the day and it wasdecided that proceeding directly to Eden was more prudent than sailing offshore until the morning and anchoring at 10:00 asoriginally planned. At morning brief Salty Sea Dog Lukish had a particularly hilarious nautical expression to describe. Because itwas her birthdsay, Deb was volunteered to assist Lukish in describing the origins of the saying ‘two-six…heave’. This involved a sea battle against the French, Spanish and Viking fleets, as well as tropical fruit and sparklers. Well done Deb for being such a high calibre girl. After a quick happy hour and another set of rope races (reddies extended their lead), all hands were ferried ashore in the RHIB for a sports tabloid on the beach. The competition in volleyballand beach cricket was fast and furious, but I am pleased to report that the Staff Crew are still undefeated champions in every sport. Chef Polly provided a scrumptous picnic lunch ashore complete with freshly baked bread. Once lunch was finished, the Youth Crew broke into their watches for their mid-voyage talks. This provided an opportunity for them to express how they feel the voyage is progressing. It is one of the means that the Staff Crew use to make adjustments to the youth development program, and as such is seen as very important to the success of the voyage. The Youth Crew were ableto have a few hours of free time ashore in Eden, exploring the Killer Whale museum and emptying the local shops. Supper tonight was a teak deck barbeque. Steak, snags, kebabs, chicken and all sorts of salads were enjoyed by all hands. The Youth Crew have just finished their three-way talks. One person from each watch is grouped together andthey are given 30 minutes to learn each other’s life story. They then have to role play one of their group and describe their life’s details to the rest of the Youth Crew and Staff Crew. To top it all off they then have to mime the other person’s favorite movie. This proved to be a lot of fun and was enjoyed by all.Overnight the Youth Crew will keep anchor watches. This will allow them to catch up on some sleep, as well as get to know membersof the other two watches. Wakey wakey will be at 05:45 tomorrow so a good night sleep is definately in order.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: All sails onboard are manually handled. In some cases tackles are used to provide a mechanicaladvantage and hand winches are used when manpower alone isn’t enough.The two headsails and the ‘tween mast staysails are fitted with rollar furling gear to assist in reefing and furling these sails. Thesquare sails are set and furled by hand.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Fake- To fake a line down is to lay it out on deck so that it is clear for running. Bights of the lineare layed out beside one another, clear of obstacles and other lines. Dolphin Striker- A short perpendicular spar under the cap ofthe bowsprit used for holding down or guying the bowsprit by means of martingales.It is used to counteract the upward pull on the bowsprit from the head stays.Tought of the Day- Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RANHi everyone, this is Dave.W onboard the YE in Eden. Weather has been good. Having a great time and learning lots about myself, others around me and life in general.Growing into a better person. Missing you all and can’t wait to see you Thursday the 3rd. Pen, you are going to have a great time.


37° 5' South / 149° 54' East


At anchor off Eden. Wind:light airs, Cloud: 6/8, Temp 19c.