Captain's Log
30 November 2000

Grinning from Ear to Ear

Overnight we motor-sailed towards the most southern part of the Australian mainland. During this glorious day a fresh wind rose from the south enabling us to set all squares and do some real sailing on some flat seas and with 25 knots of breeze with the picturesque Wilson’s Promontory as the backdrop. At 3.00pm we anchored in this delightful bay and the Youth Crew went ashore to play some sport and prepare themselves for this evenings three way talks. Tomorrow we may do some bushwalking, before heading south across the Strait towards Tasmania.Youth Crew entry by Patrick Williams, 23, of Queanbeyan, NSW: This is the best! Whales one day, beautiful conditions the next. If it was to end today I’d still have to say that it has been the most exciting, enjoyable, mind-blowing experience I’ve ever had (apart from the time I met my girlfriend). The voyage just keeps on getting better every day. Time flies when you’re having fun, and when your having a ball it slips into overdrive. I miss the cosy comforts of home, but you can’t replace this ���experience of a lifetime’ .I’m constantly grinning from ear to ear…..I’m kinda thinkin’ we all are.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


39° 2' South / 146° 28'


Current situation at 1800 on the last day of spring. At anchor Refuge Cove, Wilson's Promontory. Wind sou'west at 15 knots. Temp 25C. Beautiful, sunny day.