Captain's Log
2 February 2002

Grammy awards!

Situation at 1800:After a pleasant night sailing we arrived off Portland this morning and anchored in the bay. A navigation lecture was given by Mhanda and eagerly absorbed by the YC. Then it was ashore straight after lunch – but most shops were closed – we forgot it was Saturday afternoon. We played some sport and generally had a good time. Back on board a great meal was promised and we were not disappointed. This evening we held an hilarious set of three way talks in the cafe – it was too cold and windy on deck. Spirits are now back on track and there are some worried ones who think their sea sickness will return. A slim chance unless there’s a swell. We will sail tomorrow morning and cross over the border and track up the SA coast with a nice swell running and plenty of wind. Youth Crew entry by: Michelle Horch 23 from Cairns.Hi guys, just a little note from the YE ��� this is insane, do I have to come home? On the first day we all met up and started getting to know each other and went through a few things. But when we set sail on the next day everyone started to get sick and I got stuck with kitchen duty, Oh my God at one stage I felt a little seedy and then all of a sudden I just couldn’t get up to the top deck fast enough and when I was about a metre away from the side of the ship I did the biggest projectile spew of all time, the audience reckoned it was a 9 out of 10 and that I should’ve of gotten a Grammy for it…! We’ve been learning about everything on the ship from the sails to navigating. The climbing we have to do is insane, its not as scary as you think, I was talking to one of the guys on the middle deck and one of the girls that was climbing spewed on him and just missed me, man it was funny. Hey you got to try having a shower when your sailing, talk about a mission and a half. Write again soon. Ciao for now-Shell.Stay tuned,Andrew R. Davis


38° 20' South / 141° 37'


At anchor Portland, Victoria. Temp - cold, wind southerly at 20 knots.