Captain's Log
9 July 2003

Give Yourselves Recognition

Situation at 22:00 – Well here we are. We have reached Mackay and we are now getting into the final throes of Voyage 12/03. It hasn’t quite ended yet though, and we have still been kept busy. This morning at anchor we arose at 0600 and conducted a rust scrub. This was in order topresent the Ship well to our guests for today’s half day sail.By 0715 we were weighing the anchor in a reasonably comfortable 15 Kt southerly breeze and preparing to enter MackayMarina in order to pick up our guests. Along the way the YC got stuck into some cleaning stations. Just prior to berthing, the wind rose again from the south and before we new it we again had 20 – 25 Kts. After successfully achieving our aim in berthing alongside, I made the decision that the weather was not conducive to a successful half day sail. Rather we would conduct a half day demonstration for our guests from Blue Care Association.Blue Care Association is an organisation providing support to a number of physically and mentally disabled people. Theyarrived onboard at 1000 and fairly soon after we were into a busy program of Ship’s tours, boat rides in the Seaboat and climbingdemonstrations. At the same time Stonii was sending platters of food around for all the guests. Other activities included screening amovie on tall ship sailing, the YC conducted a skit and at the end a photo session was held. A very successful three hours of activity which was rewarding both for the YC and the guests.At 1300, following the final instalment of rope races, the YC set about harbour furling the Square Sails. Harbour furls consist ofwrapping the squares into a UV protective strip of canvas, to prevent excessive deterioration through UV damage. This job is quite an arduous task and presents the YC with their final opportunity to workaloft. On completion of the harbour furls the YC went ashore to conduct their End of Voyage Talks.After dinner, the YC set about filling out some end of voyage paperwork and swapping contact details with their new found friends.In the meantime, the Staff conducted their own debrief session, discussing, at length various aspects of the voyage. With all thiscomplete, the YC are now closed up in watches, spending what little time they have left together.Staff Crew Entry by Jarrod ‘The Chief’ Weaving:One of the things that we as staff crew miss the most on Young Endeavour is seeing our family grow up. We witness the youth crew enjoying climbing the mast and interacting with each other while our own familys count the days till we arrive home to visit them. Ihave had news today that my little girl (Kara) is starting to develop into a future youth crew by climbing from her cot for the very first time. Next thing Kara will be putting on a harness and climbing the mast on Young Endeavour. Hi to Raelene and Kara, I miss you both every day.Thought of the Day:’It is up to us to give ourselves recognition. If we wait for it to come from others, we feel resentful if it doesn’t, and when it does we may well reject it.’- Bernard BerkowitzOne More to Follow, Paul BarrieLEUT, RANActing Commanding Officer


0° 0' South / 0° 0' East


Alongside, STBD Side to Mackay Marina No 5 Berth.