Captain's Log
17 January 2002

Fun and Bloody Scary

Day two on a Young Endeavour voyage is a big day. However the YC have really applied themselves, pushed through the pain barrier (tiredness and sea sickness and lots of stuff to remember) and done an excellent job in getting themselves and the ship to sea.We spent last night in watches 8-12pm, 12pm-4am, 4-8am, climbing to the top of the mast, out to the ends of the yards and tying knots. Today the YC learnt about deck safety and sail setting and then we weighed anchor and started sailing.We’ll spend the next two nights at sea heading west. The forecast is good, the crew are in great shape and we’ve got the sails set ��� we’re ���good to go��.Youth crew entry byJane Darby, 20, Ballarat, Vic.Hey everyone, You wouldn’t believe it but I haven’t thrown up, yet, a little off but not too bad. At 5am I climbed 30mts to the top of the mast and then out on the yards ��� awesome sunrise. I’m missing all especially Grant, but no one from work. Will be at King Island on Sat if weather permits, so I’ll speak to you then. The food is unreal. Have been up since 4am after only 4 hrs sleep and will be back up again at 12am. Love Jane.Sean Blackhurst, 16, Lakes Entrance Vic.Hi Mum and Dad having a great time out here learning heaps of new skills. Climbed the mast on the first night at 2am ��� it was cold but lots of fun and bloody scary! The weather has been pretty good. I have not spewed up yet but like I said the weather is pretty good. Say hello to Amie for me and tell her what’s going. Mum the food is better then what you cook at home nearly. I got some unreal photos of the dolphins at the front of the boat playing so I am pleased with thatStay tunedAndrew Davis


41° 0' South / 146° 15'


CO's LOG Thursday 17 Jan 02Current situation at 1800. At sea off northern Tassie under sail. Wind nor'west sea breeze at 15 knots. Temp 22C.