Captain's Log
or on top of the capping rail
17 August 2003

The Biggest Challenge

Situation at 20:00- During the night watches the Youth Crew were busy practising their navigation, as well as working aloft. Despite the wind beingalmost non-existant, we continued to make ground towards Broken Bay with the assistance of the ‘Iron Jib.Morning brief was yet another hilarious affair. Navigator Phil showed us the progress we had made over the past day and XOPaige outlined the plan of the day. The Salty Sea Dog, ably assisted by Captain John, described the nautical origins of the saying ‘a son of a gun’. Engineer Stewy didn’t know whether to be happy or sad whenhe saw the small size of his scran bag this morning. Navigator Phil served as a celebrity song leader for those few guilty culprits who left gear about. Today’s happy hour was ‘Brasso Day”. All hands turned to shining every bit of brass and in no time the Ship was gleaming. Morning tea consisted of a mixture of dried fruits and Tim Tams. The latest installment of rope races was a real nail biter. The watches are neck and neck as they head into the home stretch. At11:00 YOUNG ENDEAVOUR anchored off Hungry Beach in Broken Bay.As soon as lunch was over the Youth Crew were ferried ashore. After a quick game of touch footy on the beach


for only then do they have to fall back on theirreserves. Leon Trotsky.Yours / AyeJohn CowanLCDR


RANDay 7 - We have finally discovered and infiltrated the Captain's log! Over the past week we have come a long way