Captain's Log
12 February 2003

Friends for life

Situation at 20:00Today started off with a 06:30 call to tacking stations. Fortunately this was merely a clever ploy to roust out all hands and have them join in early morning activity. At 08:00 Captain Matt relinquished command of the Ship and command day formally came to an end. The Youth Crew had performed very well and completed their assigned mission on schedule.Once the ceremony of colours was completed, all hands turned to at happy hour cleaning the upperdeck as well as the usual areas below decks. At 09:30 our guests for the half-day sail started to arrive and before long the upperdeck was crowded with people from ‘The Zone’ youth group and the Leven Training Centre. After a quick welcome address by Captain John, the Ship sailed from her berth at 10:00 and cleared the harbour. The half-day sail provided an opportunity for the Youth Crew to show off the skills they had learned onboard, and to act as hosts for our guests. Shortly after clearing the harbour, the Youth Crew entertained us with an impromptu, but very well done skit. A brisk Westerly wind ensured that our guests saw the Ship sailing at her best. At 13:00 YOUNG ENDEAVOUR once again secured alongside her berth in Devonport and we said farewell to our new found friends.The next activity on the agenda was to harbour furl the square sails. This requires the entire Youth Crew to lay aloft and is designed to protect the sails from the elements between voyages. Harbour furling took 90 minutes and as soon as it was complete, the Youth Crew divided into their watches to conduct the command day debrief and end of voyage talks. This takes the form of an in-depth analysis of what happened during the day and was an open and frank discussion involving the entire Youth Crew. The purpose of the debrief is to discover if any of the skills used during command day can be transferred to everyday life. There were many insightful comments made and the debrief process proved to be a valuable experience.Overnight the Youth Crew will remain in sea watches. This will provide them with the chance to say an extended farewell to one another. Over the past ten days some firm friendships have formed and several of the Youth Crew have already made plans to visit each other.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact FileConstruction of the Ship began in May 1986 in Lowestoft England and on 3 August 1987 she began the long voyage to Australia with a crew 24 strong comprising young people from Britain and Australia. The official handover ceremony took place on 25 January 1988 in the presence of their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, in Farm Cove, Sydney Harbour.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR GlossaryStoppers – Short lines used to temporarily take the weight of a line from the hands heaving it in so that it can be turned up on its pin or cleat. Back- To back a sail is to fill it with wind from the wrong side. A sail is then said to be aback and if unexpected, the ship is said to be taken aback.Thought of the DayNo man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent. Abraham Lincoln.Yours, AyeJohn Cowan,LCDR, RANDear All,This voyage is absolutely fantastic. It is the best thing ever and nothing I expected in the beginning adds up to what actually happened. All the people are great and I’ve made heaps of new friends, especially Cath who is about to write next. She is commonly called the Ice Queen. The best passage is short and sweet so I won’t take too much of your time. The weather was great but the seas too calm and Rhian, I am now addicted to sailing – help. I’ve gotta go now, cause I’m on watch, but I’ll tell you about it when I get back.Hi to everyone at home and in Launie to my friends at Soc. Missing you guys, see you in a few days. Also hi to Mum, John, Chris, Dad, Helen, Nan and Joy. An extra week on top of what I’ve already had these hols sounds like a great addition to me right now. Anyways, see yous and don’t get up too much without me. Luv Jen.And over to Cathy….Thanks Jen…. o.k. well I have had one of those time of your life experiences. Like Jen, I am in love with sailing. And sailing on the high seas? beyond words. After a successful half day of sailing this morning with visitors, the separate watches evaluated the overall voyage. The outcome was that we all had a great time, learnt plenty about teamwork, commitment to goals, overcoming fears(like climbing aloft…) and sleep deprivation. After being elected as Navigator for command day, I have a new love for charts and plotting routes… so who knows? Hi to mum, Chris and Cam and all my friends. miss you all and see you in a couple of weeks. love Cath.


41° 11' South / 146° 22' East


Wind: Nor' West 15 kts, Temp:17, Sea State:2, Cloud: 3/8