Captain's Log
V12/18 Brisbane to Mackay
7 September 2018

Fraser Coast

Ahoy land lubbers,Whales, whales, whales…the best way to describe today! We have been transiting the Fraser Coast and as I type the ship has just entered Hervey Bay…so a guess sighting a few whales (more than) was to be expected. Another lovely day at sea, although a bit more wind wouldn’t hurt. The priority for today was to round the top of Fraser Island…aims achieved. It’s amazing how easy it is to fill the day with activities…morning brief where Salty (aka Paige) explained the historically origins of the nautical term Store High In Transit, our resident housekeeper the famous (or infamous) “Nanna” made her first appearance, much to the amusement, and a little confusion, of the Youth Crew, and we sang our first ditty together at midships. After a thorough “Happy Hour” where the crew rub-a-dub-dubbed, and scrubbed this tub , climbs as described below followed. After lunch we completed our first edition of rope races, a vital training tool where the Youth Crew are tested on their ships knowledge. This was followed by the highly enlightening Navigation brief from Kyle…it would appear we have some budding navigators in this bunch! From there we settled into the normal watch routine and had a relatively relaxing late afternoon, enjoying a lovely sunset. During the First Dog (1600-1800) we put the Youth Crew to work and are currently enjoying sailing under a full press of fore and aft sails. And the Yoda of the Wheel/Helm (aka me) gave some advice on the intricacies of steering a tall ship…patience and focus, patience and focus – less is more! We should have a relatively pleasant overnight transit, anchoring at Lady Musgrave Island tomorrow at 0830 for some time ashore (the sea sick contingent are cheering) and snorkelling in the lagoon…a fantastic spot.I’ll let the ladies fill in some more detail,Fair winds all,Captain Kenny Hi from Ellen and Jacinta  (White Watch)Day 3 saw us motoring sailing north along the coast of Fraser Island for most of the day, spotting scores of playful whales and even a tuna catch! Our first lot of Master Chefs (AKA dishies) did an excellent job helping Zac serve up yet more delicious meals. The White Watch took out the first round of Rope Races (the ship’s highly competitive, non-competitive deck game), however with plenty more days to come it’s still any watch’s prize. A beautiful sunset over the water rounded out a clear day’s sailing. Fingers crossed it continues! Seasickness has hit the crew, with constant deck laying and vomit bag handouts a feature of today’s downtime. Most of the non-sick crew had their first climb to the top of the foremast today – climbing over the T’gallant yard. Those who could did their first load of washing (in a bucket), thankfully vomit free! In the last hour the mainsail and jib have been set, with our majestic girl now under a full press of sails for the night. It should help everyone to sleep well. Everyone is looking forward to the next few days where hopefully we have the chance to swim and snorkel at anchor inside the Great Barrier Reef hoping to see lots of green turtles and rays. Ellen would like to say, here it is for you mum, and thank Arnott’s for the sustenance of Saos! Cinta would like to say she can’t wait to hop off and have a swim! Jordo says a shoutout to his family, and he is enjoying the smooth sailing! Tim would like to shoutout to Aaron and Audrey! Harry would like to say hello to his mum who always reads the Captain’s Log!Ciao 


24 18 south / 152 56 east


Course: 296 degrees    Speed: 5.1 knots    Wind:  South easterly at 16 knots    Swell:  South easterly at 1.5 metres