Captain's Log
10 January 2003

Formulating a Plan

All hands enjoyed a quiet night at anchor in Jervis Bay. Today started off with a session of early morning activity on the upperdeckat 06:30. Watch Officer Loz entertained us with a particularly animated Salty Sea Dog tale at morning brief. Her description of ‘Two-Six Heave’ involved Vikings, tropical fruit and sparklers (Happy 21stJosh). Engineer Stewy produced a modest haul in his Scran Bag which resulted in a significantly improved quality of singing.Today was ‘Brasso Day’ which saw XO Aaron’s eyes light up with joy. After morning tea the Youth Crew were assigned the task offormulating a plan to sail the Ship both from and to an anchorage. The concepts of balance and centre of effort were considered and both of the plans devised were very detailed and well thought out.The Ship weighed anchor at 13:00, just after a torrential downpour passed overhead. The plan developed by the Youth Crew wasfollowed and the evolution was successfully completed. Once underway, the next activity was demonstrational and rotational tacks. This provided an opportunity for each member of the Youth Crew to observe the process of tacking the Ship from the bridge, as well as learn what the other two watches job’s entail at tacking stations. This isdesigned to build upon the sailing theory lecture they recieved yesterday and help to prepare them for command day.Upon clearing Jervis Bay, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR shaped a course to the Nor’East. We will make ground to the North overnight in anattempt to take advantage of the current and forecast weather and position the Ship in a suitable position for command day. Overnightthe watches will complete a major team building exercise. They will have to use tolerance and cooperation as well as a basicunderstanding of seamanship and sailing if they hope to be successful.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR FACT FILE: The Youth Crew is made up of 24 young Australians (12 female and 12 male) between 16 and 23 years of age. They are accommodated in either one 12 berth or two 6 berth mess decks. There are seperate heads and washplaces for males and females and each person is provided with a small locker space to stow their kit. Top quality wet weather gear and working smocks are also provided.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR GLOSSARY: Belaying Pin-A removable wooden steel or bronze pin that fits into a hole in the Pin of Fife railsand about which sheets, halyards and braces are turned up. Leeward- The opposite side to where the wind is blowing from. Away from thewind, downwind, opposite to ‘weather’.Thought of the day- My Grandfather once told me there are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit.He told me to try and be in the first group, there is much less competition. Indira Gandhi.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN


35° 5' South / 150° 53' East


Situation at 20:00-At sea under four sails.Wind Sou'East at 20 kts. Sky 5/8 overcast. Temp 20c.