Captain's Log
17 June 2001

For Good Times, Do This!

Today was HUGE. The YC’s aim was to sail into the wind and pass through the narrow Hole-in-the-Wall. We tacked a bazillion times – well about 14 times and transited the straight mid-afternoon. I was really impressed with their performance and so were they – when they completed the task. They stuck to their guns and slogged on in the face of adversity – tiredness, hunger, repetitive tasks were all things they conquered to accomplish an amazing feat of sailing but most importantly, teamwork.They are now taking it easy, sailing with the wind this time, toward the final destination of Port Essington and they will sleep well tonight.Youth Crew entry by Ruth Vance, 19, Gold Coast, QLD.The Young Endeavour has been really fun (apart from the seasickness in the first week) but it has been an experience well worth it. Over the last two weeks the youth crew have grown closer and made many wonderful friendships which, I’m sure will last well after the end of the voyage. At first I thought we would be on the ship forever but the time has gone so fast, we only have three or so days left. The hardest part about it has been the shift work 24-7 with shifts at night like from 0001 – 0400. Climbing aloft has been excellent (if you’re not afraid of heights). The views are spectacular. My time on board the Young Endeavour has been well spent and I would recommend it to anyone with a sense of adventure. Hi Mum, Dad, Jonny and Paul see ya soon – love always, Ruth.Youth Crew entry by Fiona Capon, 23, Port Douglas, QLD.Today was the continuation of our 42-hour youth crew command day and I think that right now everyone is feeling quite satisfied and relieved that today has gone so well. After an incredible amount of tacking, we completed our first challenge of negotiating the daunting (but imaginary) ‘Hole in the Wall’. We now have just another 15 hours to go…. BRING IT ON… The trip so far has been crazy – just the way I like it. Some amazing conversations can be heard while everyone is suffering from sleep deprivation and all round exhaustion. I am happy to say that we are definitely a fun loving crew and even a lack of sleep can’t stop us from having the odd party and funky free-for-all. Laying aloft to watch the sun set has to be seen to be believed and this gorgeous part of the world has been kind to us with plenty of windy and sunny days. And my final recommendation is: for good times, DO THIS. A big hello to my main man, Rossco, working hard at home and of course Scott and Jenny and the Coral Coast Hire crew. Hi also to my gorgeous family in sunny Canberra and Rach in Dubai. I love you all, Fi Fi.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


10° 55' South / 133° 10'


CO's Log Sunday 17 Jun 01Current situation at 1800: Somewhere in the Arafura Sea, heading west under plain sail. Wind sou'east at 15 knots. Temp 26C.