Captain's Log
9 July 2002

Food For Thought

Situation at 20:00- Command day was a great success. The Youth Crew successfully sailed YOUNG ENDEAVOUR from Noosa to Caloundra, passing through two waypoints along the way. Although plagued by light winds, theorganisation they put in place, together with their teamwork and spirit of cooperation allowed them to make the most of what they had to work with, achieve their mission and have a great time doing it.The majority of the day was taken up sailing through Moreton Bay from Caloundra to Redcliffe. The Youth Crew divided into three groups and discussed their Command Day experience, both as members of a team and as individuals. There were many valuable issues discussed and points raised that provided food for thought on how to transfer some of the skills learnt in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR to their future lives.After anchoring off Redcliffe, the Youth Crew went ashore for a sports afternoon and some shopping. Everyone had a fun time,although Chef Karen was a bit worried that the local McDonald’s would steal business away from her. It turned out that she had nothing to worry about as everyone was only too willing to tuck into the great supper she had prepared. The Ship’s concert has just ended, and what a great success it was. Each watch used their imagination and talent to put on a terrific performance and my sides are stillhurting from laughing so hard.The night watches will soon be closing up but there is no doubt that after the busy pace of the last few days a full night’s sleep is really what is foremost on everyone’s mind.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR fact file – When standing on the Top Gallant Yard, you are 30 meters above the waterline. Hang on tight!Thought of the day: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did.Mark Twain.Yours, AyeJohn Cowan


27° 14' South / 153° 8'


At anchor off Redcliffe, Wind: North @ 5 kts