Captain's Log
19 December 2008

Following seas

Ahoy Shipmates,We awoke to a cool, fine and windy morning in the anchorage at Nullica Bay. After some deck games, morning brief and cleaning stations were complete the YC sailed the ship from the anchorage with a little assistance from the staff. In windy conditions the residents of Eden were provided with a good view of the ship under sail as we departed Twofold Bay in gusty Southerly winds. In the early afternoon the YC participated in demonstration tacks, to gain a better understanding of bridge management during tacking and wearing and as a precursor to Command Day. We are experiencing 25-30 knot southerly winds, perfect for making ground to the North and if the conditions remain as they are we will arrive in Jervis Bay well ahead of schedule tomorrow. Until tomorrow, fair winds and following seas to you all. Yours AyeCaptain MattSarah Hume and Zemma Holmes-Story of White Watch write��_hey parents, we are having an absolutely fabulous time on the Young Endeavour. The waves look 6m high (Bell our watch leader keeps trying to convince us they are only 2m) the boat feels like it is on a nearly vertical tilt (Bell still manages to stand up straight) waves are bashing over the sides drenching us constantly (I got wet up to my ankles!!) and they have stopped feeding us and will not allow us to sleep (I only got 9 hours last night��_outrageous). In case you couldn’t tell we may be exaggerating a little bit 😀 it is sooo much fun here and we have got great weather. Col the chef is the best cook ever and I think I’ll put on weight after the voyage or at least break even when you take into account the spewing 😀 love you all and see you on Tuesday.


36° 8' South / 150° 22' East


Wind from the South at 25 knots, fine clear weather, swell from South at 1.5 metres, outside air temperature 18 degrees