Captain's Log
10 February 2002

Flying Through the Bight

Current situation at 1800: We’ve flown north overnight and are going to get to our destination early. Today – after a bleak start weather wise – we had our last instalment of rope races and the Reddies won. Thisafternoon the YC proved to themselves they are ready to take over the ship with an excellent set of setting and furling drills. Well done, champs.Now that they are prepared and we’ve regained lost time, the YC will be given command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR tomorrow, Monday (as scheduled). Their mission is yet to be disclosed, and it will be atough one. We anchor at a secret location near Ceduna early tomorrow and they take over in the afternoon.Youth Crew entry by:Claire Partridge, 21, Melbourne.I am having an amazing time on the Young Endeavour, and am eagerly awaiting Command Day tomorrow. I find it quite incredible as to howmuch I have learnt in such a short space of time – not only about sailing, but also the 23 other truly fantastic individuals I am spending so much time with. We are all very tolerant of each otherand everyone has so many interesting outlooks on the world.I feel 100% again after our terrible sea-sickness ‘moment’ and am very glad that I am not going to have a re-lapse (fingers are crossed :)). We have been to some very beautiful islands on ourjourney, and I am steadily working on my sun-tan, when we get a spare moment. Our days are very hectic however, and I really look forward to my sleep – except for when you have to hold on so as not to fall out of your bunk as the ship sways about. At the moment, there is no land in sight – just a beautiful sunset across the sky.On the Kenny front… Kenny was contracted to model for a new Mastercard advertisement, in which he performed remarkably. He hasagain been taken from us however, and is being held ransom by debt collectors. Kenny is yet to pay his Mastercard bill of 5 billion dollars. We need to come up with the money, or we fear for Kenny’s life … again. I am sure though, that we can locate him within the 24 hours that we have been given, without any permanent damage. Theransom video we saw had him hooked up to an electrocution chair however :).Happy Birthday Steve – I hope you are having a great day. A big hello to everyone at home, I hope things are nice and peaceful. Must be off, our evening watch is about to start.ClaireStay tuned,Andrew Davis


33° 20' South / 133° 50'


At sea in the Great Aussie Bight with all sail set. Wind southerly at 20 knots, Temp 21C.