Captain's Log
10 June 2000

Five string Guitar

The rain never really stopped last night and with the strong SE breeze the only positive thing was that we were running with it. In basic terms it has been awful sailing weather. I still haven’t figured out if we’re having beautiful or perfect Queensland weather. Nevertheless, each watch last night was kept busy with a teamwork exercise that involved setting and furling different sails. All three watches did very well and managed to keep their collective senses of humour. This morning saw absolutely no improvement in the weather and with the forecast of strong SE winds for the next 3-4 days I was loath to sail north past Gladstone knowing that I would have to beat back against the prevailing winds. The ship sought shelter in the lee of Round Hill Head, near the township Seventeen Seventy, anchoring just before lunch. In the afternoon each of the watches got together and had a chat about the voyage and whether or not goals were being achieved. After a ‘siesta’ I briefed the YC on Command Day and what will be expected of them. The first requirement will be to find some decent weather. This evening is movie night and tomorrow we will go for a sail (rain or shine) and complete some more sailing drills. I suspect we will anchor near Gladstone in the evening.YC entry by Sarah-Jane Roberts (age 17 from Cairns) – Today the weather turned out to be quite miserable and everybody has been decked out in their fancy wet weather gear when working on deck. We’ve been at anchor all afternoon but the ship isn’t very sheltered so we’re still experiencing some moderate rocking. Unfortunately one or two of the YC have become seasick again but most of us have gained our sea legs somewhat (at last). This afternoon we had mid voyage talks where each watch got time to sit down and discuss things with their watch leaders and each other. We talked about our goals and how they may of changed and also mentioned our feelings about the voyage so far. Everyone on the ship is quickly making strong friendships and spare time always includes a game or two of whatevers going. The ships guitar has only five strings but we’ve tuned it now and a few hours have been spent singing along to Bergy’s marvelous strumming. All in all we’re having a ball.Thats it for this evening.Andrew (and SJ)


24° 8' South / 151° 49'


Wind S-SE 20 kts, Temp 17, cold wet and generally miserable