Captain's Log
11 June 2008

First Night Of Voyage 17/08

Ahoy Shipmates, Today’s voyage commenced with a welcome to the new Youth Crew, family and friends at Devonport’s West No 3 Berth. With family, friends and well-wishers farewelled, the lines were cast off at 1550 and the ship commenced the short passage out of the Mersey River. Once in open water the wind strengthened to 30kts and the swell started to build, given these conditions our planned anchorage was no longer suitable so I decided our best course of action was to head back into the Mersey and anchor in the Swing Basin for the evening were we could continue with our training program in more sheltered conditions. Once safely at anchor it was straight into ship familiarisation and a series of ice breaker activities which are designed to give the new crew an opportunity to get to know each other. Following a very enjoyable dinner it was straight into climbing safety which has progressed through to the first climbs of the mast. These climbs are still underway with two of the YC watches already achieving climbing to the topgallant yard (highest yard). The time has just gone 2200 and it is anticipated that first climbs will be completed by 2300 when I am sure that a very tired YC will be ready to turn in for their first night onboard YE.Tomorrow will see us continue with deck and climbing safety before heading out into Bass Strait for our first night at sea.Until Tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


41° 11' South / 146° 21' East


Currently at anchor in the Mersey River (Devonport) and experiencing light NW winds.