Captain's Log
10 October 2009

First Night Of Voyage 15/09

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Voyage 15-09 from Exmouth to Fremantle. Staff Crew for this voyage are as follows:Captain GavSail Master PaulNavigator KennyWatch Officer DutchyRed Watch Leader JessWhite Watch Leader TaffyBlue Watch Leader AdamChef ChadEngineer JoshToday’ voyage commenced with the ship being at anchor just to the south east of the Exmouth Marina. Due to the ship being at anchor and the early arrival of some of the Youth Crew we commenced ferry runs out to the ship at 1430 utilising both of the ships boats. By 1530 everyone was safely onboard with most of their personal belongings stowed. Following my welcome address and Staff Crew introductions we farewelled a few family members who had been given the opportunity to come out to visit the ship for a short tour and a final chance to say goodbye to the Youth Crew. With formalities complete the Sail Master commenced the program with a set of ���ice breakers’ (exercise designed to encourage Youth Crew to get to know each other) followed by ships tours then dinner. On completion of dinner we conducted Captains and Sail Master talks then went straight into safety aloft and have now commenced our first night climbs of the foremast (33 meters). At the moment the wind has freshened which is making tonight’s climb a little more challenging but it is hoped that by late this evening all of the Youth Crew will have achieved climbing to the topgallant yard (highest yard)At the moment it is planned to depart Exmouth Gulf early tomorrow afternoon once we have completed all of our safety training. Just on a personal note, love to my daughter Jess whom I am missing very much at the moment and who is hopefully reading tonight’s log.Until Tomorrow, Take Care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


21° 57' South / 114° 8' East


Currently at anchor just of the Exmouth Marina and experiencing moderate to strong SW with a 1m swell.