Captain's Log
11 July 2008

First Night in Bass Strait

Ahoy Shipmates, The Youth Crew were on deck early this morning (0630) for an Early Morning Activity (EMA) which was followed by the normal large YOUNG ENDEAVOUR breakfast. Once breakfast was complete the YC were mustered on the bridge and introduced to the ceremony of colours (age old tradition of raising the flags and singing the National Anthem) before turning to for their first set of cleaning stations (Happy Hour). Under the close guidance of their watch leaders, the YC spent the remainder of the morning practising line handling and deck safety. Following lunch the anchor was weighed and in light rain the ship departed her anchorage and once again proceeded out of the Mersey River and into Bass Strait. On reaching open water it was obvious that the conditions had improved considerably from yesterday and given the forecast of strong north westerlies over the next 24 hours I decided to shape course to the north and then alter to the east following the NW change and head for Banks Strait, which is located on the far north eastern point of Tasmania. During the afternoon an enthusiastic YC engaged in setting and furling drills, culminating in their first tacks as a crew (put the bow through the wind) shortly after 1600. The time is now 2000 and all of the YC have now settled into their watches for the night with the expectation that we will all be back on deck sometime throughout the evening to tack ship.Until tomorrow, take care Yours AyeCaptain Gav


40° 45' South / 146° 6' East


At present we are approximately 30nm to the NW of Devonport and experiencing strong NE winds with a 2m swell